About ME دربارهٔ من

I am a proud Persian girl, in love with media, communications,fashion, nature, people, technology and socializing!
At my day job I am a PR pro, Online & Social media guru & Editor of a fashion magazine. Off Duty I am a blogger owning the only blog in the MiddleEast region in Farsi (Persian) & English language. 
من یک ایرانی‌ عاشق مد، استایل، طبیعت، مردم، تکنولوژی، میدیا و و و هستم. در طول روز به عنوان مدیر روابط عمومی‌، مجری روابط آنلاین و سر دبیر مجله مد شرکتم هستم و بعد از کار نویسنده و صاحب تنها بلاگ دوزبانه فارسی و انگلیسی‌ در خاور میانه هستم که راجع به زندگی‌ با استایل صحبت میکنه

Lavinia Biagiotti & ME
Gloria Estefan & ME

ME at a fashion shoot
ME at a fashion shoot

Behind the scene of another fashion shoot
at a Fashion shoot
Behind the scene of another fashion shoot


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  3. Maryam-e aziz,

    I am very happy to get to know you better, your passions, and inspirations through this site. It's very interesting to see a girl from my lovely country in spite of her professional succes in modern world holding up to her roots.

    I share your values, and passions, which make me connected to you, and your works.


  4. Maryam joon
    Thanks for your lovely comment.
    Happy to connect to you. Please support my blog by visiting and sharing it with all Iranians & Farsi speaking people.


  5. !?سلام, اون خانم ركسانا صابري هستن بغل خانم ارجمند

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