Trying Totora, Peruvian food for the first time & I could not imagine…

I never had Peruvian food before so when I got invited to Totora Cebicheria Peruana restaurant I was excited to try it out and get to know this cuisine! 20161008_235245[1]

The décor in the restaurant is minimalistic and simple. Very nice lighting gives a romantic yet modern ambiance. Totora is 2 floors, on the ground floor is the restaurant and sitting area where you are greeted by friendly staff and you can see the open kitchen and chefs in action and the underground floor where is the bar with DJ and stools decorated with wooden interiors and yellow and red lightings which give it a warm and cozy feeling!

We visited the restaurant on a Saturday and to my surprise it was very quite and empty. I asked the staff why is that so and I find out that DIFC is usually a dead house and so quite and empty during the weekends and is buzzing and pouring with people during weekdays!… That is interesting and good to know!

We started with 2 cocktails, a passion fruit mojito and an olive and cilantro infused vodka! Me having a sweet tooth and not too much into alcohol I preferred the Passion fruit cocktail but the other one also had a unique and and interesting taste!

Then came the starters:

  • De Barrio Cebiche: Octopus, Shrimp, Sea bass, boiled cassava, Chulpi Corn, Tocoto leche de tigre.
  • Champinones Cebiche: Button, eryngii and enoki mushrooms, lime juice, inka corn and coriander.
  • Tuna Tataki: Tuna, Crunchy quinoa, sweet potatoes, camucamu, leche de tigre.
  • Quinoa Roll: Quinoa, red snapper, avocado, rocoto sauce
  • Trio de Causas: Three color mashed potatoes with Octopus, Crab meat and shrimp filling
  • Rollito de Lorno: Tenderloin, plum tomato, soya, homemade sauce, onion

We loved the Rollito de Lorno, Champinones Cebiche has a lemony and fresh flavor and great for vegetarians, De Barrio Cebiche is a fresh sea food soup which I enjoyed the meat more than the sauce, Tuna Tataki was good as expected, Quinoa rolls were another favorite of mine, very light and yummy, Trio de Causas is a must order and the seafood filling was tasty!

For main food we ordered:

  • Arroz Chaufa de Mariscos: Shrimps, scallops, calamari, ginger, rice, spring onions, dark soya sauce
  • Seco de Cordera: Chica de jora braised lamb leg, aji patica, aji armarillo, chifle Peruvian squash.
  • Tenderloin steak
  • Lomo Saltado: Tenderloin, baby potatoes, cherry tomatoes, dark soya sauce, coriander and onion.

Arroz Chaufa de Mariscos is simply a seafood paella which was a bit salty for my taste so if you are not used to salty food make sure you mention it to your waiter in advance. Seco de Cordera has the familiar taste of sweet lamb that we middle eastern are familiar with so it was a good choice and very soft and yummy! The steak was well prepared but I missed some steamed vegetables around it.

And for the desert we had:

  • Tres Leches: Sponge cake, Evaporated and condensed milk, whipping cream and berries
  • Rocoto Chocolate Fondant with Lucuma icecream
  • Lucuma Andean Cereals: Lucuma mousse, Quinoa, sesame, linseed, chocolate pisco sauce.

Obviousely the Chocolate Fondant was the star of the desert table as it always a crowd pleaser. my next favorite desert was Lucujma Andean Cereals, it has a really strange but pleasant flavor that I have never had! the taste of the mousse keeps changing in your mouth and crunchiness of the cereals and sweet chocolate sauce gives it an interesting flavor! Tres Leches is the traditional Peruvian desert that to me tasted like a milky food I had in my childhood, nice and mild and soft texture!


  • Full Bar Available
  • Live Entertainment
  • Valet Parking Available
  • Luxury Dining
  • Private Dining Area Available

Phone number: 04 3999666

Location: Gate Village 7, DIFC, Dubai

Cuisines: Peruvian

Cost: AVERAGE AED 500 for two people (approx.) Cash and Cards accepted

Tip: if you are looking for a happy crowd and buzzing atmosphere do not visit on the weekends!

I hope you visit and enjoy your experience at Totora as we did very much!


With Love


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