Keep Calm and do Rose & Crown

The Rose & Crown is the latest addition to English pubs in town. The warm and cozy atmosphere is welcoming, the wooden floor, brown leather sofas, fireplace, red benches with stained glass and frames on the walls immediately makes you feel very pleased and want to stay…

At the Rose & Crown they show the live games and sports so all together makes it a perfect spot to spend a night out with friends and chill down. The night that I visited, there was a football game showing live and they had some really special guests (Arab Royalty!!!) in the house who took over the whole first floor to watch the game and play some pool! So we chose our table on the ground floor (which is more nice!)

We were greeted warmly with the very friendly staff who were there all night long watching us and ready to serve all the time! (we were watched!!!)

Started the night with ordering drinks, as you do! A glass of red wine for my friend and an Apple cider draft for me!

We also ordered soup of the say which was vegetable soup, Chicken Cesare Salad and Quinoa Salad, Deep fried Scampi and Chips & Curry Sauce!

I was really impressed with the Quinoa salad as it was really fresh and with lots of berries and beets! Fried Scampi was delicious and Chips tasted really good and different with the curry sauce, I like them but my friend was not a big fan of the curry sauce with French fries and she prefered to have it old fashion with catchup!

For the main course we ordered The Big Ben which is the towering landmark! 250g beef patty toped with runny fried egg, pork bacon and sage mayo, with crispy onion rings and fried pickles and chips!
I am not sure about the fried pickles but the rest was so yummy and the beef was done to perfection!

Beef Fillet steak with 2 sauces and 3 sides. Actually this was a special order for me because I really could not decide on what sauce or sides to go for but usually steaks comes with 2 sides and 1 sauce! The Beef was done pink to medium and it was so soft, juicy and yummy with beautiful grill marks on top which made it visually great too.

From the favourite Pub Grub menu I ordered Chicken Tikka Masala, a dish that has very smartly opened its way from India to Britain and being put on every Brit menu as if they own it… It was a nice one and I liked it but having it in that environment next to a steak or Bangers & Mash was a bit weird so I suggest you either go all the way English or go Indian when you order… or not! just enjoy and be happy with what you eat!!!

Talking about Bangers & Mash, its a must have if you eat pork… mash potato was done really smooth and nice and the sausage was fresh and well seasoned and the golden onion jus or gravy was so good, out of this world!

We ended the night with a cappuccino and an Americano coffee plus a warm chocolate pudding and a cheesecake of the day! The warm chocolate cake was all that you expect from a good chocolate cake with a soft heart and cheesecake was great to have after all that sweetness. Tart flavor of chees with a slightly sweetened biscuit base and a sour strawberry sauce finished it nicely.

If you want a night out only for drinks and have a relaxing chat with friends or get cozy with your loved one I suggest you choose the sofas next to the fireplace. Its a more private space and you still have the whole view of the bar and pub!

I will definitely go back to Rose & Crown for more.


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