Tast the World at Yas Mall!


I was invited by Yas Mall AbuDhabi to try their “Taste the World” festival few days ago.

Me and few of my fellow influencers from Dubai went to AbuDhabi for a promising FOOD review, However I personally was not sure what to expect hopping for yummy food and excellent service, knowing Yas Mall for it. Having left at around 1:30 pm I was already hungry and couldnt wait to get my hands on some good food.

When we reached to Yas Mall we entered from the newly opened Tryano department store entrance, because they were suppose to host us for some classy bites. However they canceled it last minute which I am not so impressed with !

Anyhow our first stop was Al Fannar restaurant which serves Emarati and local food. The interior of the restaurant was really cool. They made it the way you think you sit outside, with a green and huge tree and outdoor shades and a ceiling painted in sky blue colors and exterior of old Emirati houses surrounding you, you actually feel like you are sitting outdoors. The service was great and the waiter who served us was really knowledgeable and friendly (I think he will open his own restaurant very soon, he deserves it!) . One dish after another came and I was really hungry so naturally I was impressed and at that point whatever they serve me I would have loved. But to all fairness the food in Al Fannar was really good.

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They served us Emarati rice with lamb, Baby Shark meal, Haris, Halwa and Legamat (Emirati deserts), Arabic Coffee, Special welcome drink and Yummy Dates with Tahina. From all the dishes, it was my first time having Baby Shark, I felt guilty eating that but well it was just a tasting and yummy! it actually tastes like fish, nothing weird.

After Al Fannar it was time for Chilies! Everyone knows Chilies and their famous Fajitas and Burgers. The most impressing thing at Chilies was the freshly made Guacamole that she prepared at the table for us. it was so fresh and yummy with chunky Avacado pieces.  We also had Jumbo Shrimps and Chicken Fajitas, mini burgers and fries and of course Chilies colorful selection of drinks and cocktails. Typical Tex-Mex flavors.


Boubouffe restaurant was our next stop. Lebanese cuisine at its best in a very nice restaurant. we had a huge table set for us a true Arabic feast. From famous Arabic starters like Hommos and Tabouleh to lamb stuffed Kibbeh and special rice with grilled chicken and fish. Since its close to Ramadan they also served us their selection of Arabic drinks with oriental taste, smell and colors making me wish for those Ramadan evenings gathering coming fast.

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At this point I was really full and needed a break from eating, so I took a quick shopping trip in Yas Mall, which was really overdue for long time. Considering that you can get all big brands in this mall, 30 min was not really enough for shopping, but it gave me a breather to walk around , window shop and also help opening some more space in my stomach for more yummy food. After all the “Taste the World” Food Festival was the reason we were there for.

South African Sandwich chain Steers was the next restaurant we went to, with indoors and outdoors setting we had a table next to the water fountains of Yas Mall served with some freshly grilled beef burgers, Spicy chicken legs, one of the best French fries ever and special SA soda drinks which I haven't seen anywhere before, attention all South Africans out there!


…and seems the food trip was coming to an end with only one more restaurant on the list which was Galito’s. Galito’s is all about grilled chicken with different sauce and side dishes. Depends on how spicy you can go for the sauce you are in for a very exciting and wild hot sauce challenge. Our chicken and shrimp grills served on a vertical standing skewers hot from the over with some different sides, which I liked the Trio Beans side dish the most. I also have to mention the fresh watermelon and Lemonade juices that was served in big glasses was impressing and yummy.


At this point I was really happy that Tryano and Paul restaurants canceled the visit only because I didnt have any more space to eat food, but Not a good PR though!

That sums up my visit to Yas Mall AbuDhabi for Taste the World Food Festival. If you are in Abudhabi or planning to visit the town anytime before end of May 2016, make sure you go to the Yas Mall and try some great food in these restaurants.

Thanks Yas Mall for the lovely experience! Next would be a day in Ferrari world for me, I hope so…



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