“The City of Mice 2” movie - شهر موش ها2


“The City of Mice 2” is breaking records in Iranian movie & cinema industry with 3,200,000,000 Iranian Toman = approx. AED 3,500,000 = approx. US$1,240,000 in the first 15 days of release in Iran cinemas.

"The City of Mice 2" is a puppet movie, a sequel to the 1984 big-screen hit “The City of Mice”, which was produced with the puppet characters from the popular children’s TV series “The School of Mice” (1981-1984).
“The City of Mice 2” immerses the audience in the adventures of little mice who decide to take care of a defenceless kitty, an act which leads to turmoil in the city.
The movie is scheduled to be screened in some countries with Arabic and English subtitles in the near future.


“The City of Mice 2″ - شهر موش ها2
Genre: Fiction
Directed by Marzieh Boroumand- مرضیه برومند
Written by Farhad Tohidi
Produced by Bamdad Films
Cast (voices by): Nima Fallah, Amir Badri and Arsha Aghdasi
Budget (estimated): $ 250,000 USD
Released on: August 28th, 2014

Here is a related music video with Pallet band and “The City of Mice2” characters & Puppets:

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