How to fight Hair fall! with Herbline Essentials new shampoo…

Hair fall is a big problem in the UAE and I also have it… People say its because of the treated water that is used here, while others blame it on factors of pollution and the extreme weather throughout the year.

whatever external factors are, I am sure the internal conditions like Stress, unhealthy diet and dehydration also contributed to my problem… and yet I am not doing anything about it.

I just read about this new shampoo and conditioner by Herbline Essentials that is 100% organic and contains Henna and Liquorice! claims to stop hair fall… I’m gonna try it and let you all know if it works. I’m sure it will do good to my hair as i used to use henna on my hair and it worked magic back then… now a 100% organic shampoo should do the same…

The shampoo is AED 99 and conditioner is AED 79 in Dubai Market so go ahead and buy it and do a favour to your hair.

Herbline Essentials Henna & Liquorice Shampoo (AED99)Herbline Essentials Henna & Liquorice Conditioner (AED79)

Since we are talking about hair fall and ways to fight and stop it, here are some helpful tips thanks to Herbline Essentials:

1. Oil your hair weekly

Massage coconut oil or olive oil into your scalp gently. Leave it on for half an hour and then

proceed to wash and shampoo your hair. This will provide the scalp with the necessary

nourishment it needs and also help your hair grow stronger.


2. Use Herbline Essentials Henna & Liquorice Shampoo and Conditioner

Henna has traditionally been used as a natural hair conditioner. Now, blended with other

complementary and beneficial ingredients, leadwort, liquorice and hemidesmus indicus, this

shampoo and conditioner duo leaves the hair smooth, shiny and tangle free. The duo promotes

hair growth, whilst strengthening and safe guarding against hair loss. Since these products are

100% organic, you are also saving your hair from exposure to harsh chemicals that can worsen

the condition.

ShampooHerbline Essentials Henna & Liquorice Shampoo (AED99)

3. Increase your intake of Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Maintaining a healthy diet is crucial to prevent hair loss. Try increasing your intake of Omega 3

fatty acids naturally by eating more fish like salmon and mackerel and incorporating more nuts

and seeds into your diet.


4. Hats and scarves are your Friends

Never leave the house with your hair exposed. If your job requires you to be exposed to direct

sunlight for long hours, make sure you always keep a hat or a scarf on hand to cover your

hair. Minimising exposure to the sun makes sure that the hair remains in a healthy condition as

exposure to heat always damages the cuticle of the hair leaving it more prone to fall.


5. Avoid using Irons or getting your hair blow dried often

Heat is a major contributing factor when it comes to hair fall. In fact, a simple blow dry at the

salon contributes significantly to hair fall. As often a possible, try styling your hair using heat

free methods. There are multiple styles for the various lengths of hair that look amazing without

using any or much heat, so why not try those out for a change!



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