Alison Nelson’s Chocolate Bar


Have you been to Alison Nelson Chocolate Bar?

Its a new cafe in Dubai’s ever growing food scene that is not only exciting and yum but it knows exactly how to impress us by serving the best and highest quality Chocolate. Who doesn't LOVE it now?

Alison Nelson’s Chocolate Bar sounded so tempting and irresistible that I had to go and try it out.

Luckily for all of us they have 5 branches around town, so no excuses, there is one close to everyone of you to visit. There is one in Mirdif City Centre, 1 in Mall of the Emirates, 2 in the Dubai Mall, 1 in Mercato Mall and 1 in the Boulevard Downtown. There is also one Chocolate Bar in World Trade Centre, Abu Dhabi and one in the Al Ain Mall.

DSC07282I chose to visit the Dubai Mall Fashion Avenue branch as it has a great location on the first floor overlooking the beautiful fashion centre with all my favourite stores around.

Taking from the name I was expecting a cafe with drinks and chocolate patisseries and deserts but once I relaxed in the shiny Champaign colour sofas and had a look at the menu I realised its a big deal with a complete menu of soups, salads, mains, deserts and kids specials. Since I was with a dear friend and ME being in love with my food and not compromising in that area at all, I went all the way and ordered a hearty 3 course meal.

DSC07292 DSC07297

We started with the Green Harvest Salad and a Thai Shrimp Salad. The Harvest Salad is just so simple with very light and clean flavours, fresh and large green leaves topped with sliced apple and crushed walnuts and Greek cheese tossed in a vinaigrette dressing which is an amazing start to the meal.

The Thai Shrimp Salad was just a delight with the spicy Thai dressing, warm grilled shrimps, large slices of Tomato, cucumber, wheat sprouts, green leaves and fresh basil. its a medley of freshness and flavour and I have to warn you its for the one who can take the heat of Thai dressings, so if you don't eat spicy food give this one a miss.


Next came the Lentil soup. Creamy, soft, warm and tasty, lentil soup was just a right choice. loved it…

While having the salad and soup they served the main dishes which I had to ask them to take it back not to get cold.  For the main we ordered Chicken Quesadilla and Penne Shrimp Broccoli Pasta. Chicken Quesadilla was just good. loved the filling inside the quesadilla, chicken was perfectly cooked and right amount of veggies and cheese in a grilled tortilla bread served with a scoop of Aioli sauce and tomato salsa on top. A classic Mexican dish.

DSC07301 DSC07303

The Penne Shrimp Broccoli Pasta came in a bit early so by the time we get into it was a bit cold. The pasta is served with a creamy pink sauce, chunks of Broccoli and grilled shrimp. Though I added a bit of seasoning I can say it was fairly a good dish.


Then came the desert time. I was passionately waiting for this part as I knew I’m in for a great experience. For desert we ordered the signature dish, Chocolate Fondue and the ever favourite and famous Classic Molten Chocolate Cake which was served with Vanilla Ice-cream. 


I have only one word for the desert, YUM. Every bite of that Molten cake and every strawberry dipped into the warm chocolate sauce was a total guilty pleasure that I DO NOT regret. Fresh Strawberries, Blackberries and Raspberries, slices of chocolate sponge cake and cuts of Banana beautifully seat around the Fondue dish that holds the liquid chocolate kept warm with a candle underneath.

12155_234742373380873_1623925847_n DSC07313

The Molten Chocolate cake was exactly what you expect from a Molten Cake, reach and gooey chocolate oozed out once we cut into the outside well baked shell of the cake. The warmth of the Chocolate melted the Vanilla Ice-cream in every spoonful created a an evil – angel battle or rather a sweet seduction in my mouth. I cant say enough about the Molten Chocolate Cake… just go and try it for yourself.

All together it was a great and exciting experience that ME and my friend truly enjoyed.

The total bill was about AED 370 which is fairly reasonable for the quality and amount of food, as well as the lavish venue with beautiful view to the one of the worlds best shopping destination with luxury brands surrounds you.

There are lots of variety of sandwiches and mains as well as variety of deserts like Alison Nelson’s famous Chocolate Shots!!! Also you can order your own party and costume made cakes and chocolate mixtures.

DSC07287 DSC07317

Make sure visit the Alison Nelson Chocolate Bar next time you are in one of those locations and indulge yourself in a good food. 

Hope you enjoy your experience as much as I did.



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