Tonight is the longest night of the year - YALDA شب یلدا

شب یلدا یا شب چلّه مبارکتون باشه 

Tonight is the longest night of the year, Persians call it Yalda Night (night of 20 - 21 Dec), which is celebrated by Persians & Iranians around world since 5000 yrs ago...The night of 20 - 21 Dec is the longest night of the year by minutes and is the beginning of Winter season in the Northern hemisphere. 

Iranians celebrate the whole night tonight. We party, eat lots of Pomegranate & Watermelon & fruits, Iranian nuts, special food, read poetry, dance and enjoy the night with family & friends. Tonight is the symbol of How Glory, Light, Goodness & Happiness winning over Dark, Evil, Misery and Cold because no matter how LONG the night is, Sun will always come out and Shine over us. Light & goodness will always win over darkness & Evil in this world.

21 Dec is officially the first day of Winter and from there, days are getting longer and nights are getting shorter by minutes till first of summer. No coincident, this is simple science!

...and... this night happens to fall on 21 Dec (every year - Daaaa) which according to Mayan calendar, this year 2012 on this day the world will END!!!...
SO because of all above... I say "NO WORRIES, world will NOT END on 21 Dec 2012, Sun will shine again upon us and tomorrow will be brighter and more beautiful..." 

Yalda Night - the longest night of the year -  celebrations in Persian Culture. شب یلدا

Have a lovely night everyone and a great new day tomorrow!
...and don't eat too much, dont stuff-up yourself ;)

ME - Maryam Ensan


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